Union City Community Foundation

Planned Giving

Because of the connection between The Union City Community Foundation and The Erie Community Foundation, Union City residents can now receive the benefits of planned giving. We can also receive income from charitable lead trusts. These planned giving alternatives often create beneficial situations for both donors and local charities. Please contact Susannah Weis Frigon of The Erie Community Foundation at (814) 454-0843 for more information about planned giving.

How to Include The Union City Community Foundation in your Will

A bequest to The Union City Community Foundation is simple to include in a will. Your legal counsel may include language similar to the following:

"I give, devise and bequeath the following: (add your copy here, describe assets that are the subject of the bequest; for example, a stated sum or the residue of the estate or a percentage of the residue of the estate) to The Union City Community Foundation, a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation.

This gift shall be known as the (add the name you choose) Fund."

If it is desire that the bequest be applied to an area of charitable interest or to specific organizations, add "this Fund shall be devoted to the support of: (add the charitable interest or organization name here).